What is contact's activity timeline?

Timeline is a presentation of a contact's activity in chronological order. OnePageCRM displays the history of interactions with a given lead or prospect such as notes, calls, deals, actions, recorded emails or other updates with a time-stamp and team member responsible for the change.

  1. Toggle between Contact's activity and activity from members of the contact's Organization (see A).
  2. Use quick filters in the Activity bar to retrieve the required information (see B):
    • All: a list of all types of interactions in chronological order.
    • Notes: chronological view on notes, including notes that are associated with deals.
    • Calls: chronological view on call notes.
    • Deals: thread of updates related to deals including deals progression and closure dates updates history.
    • Actions: includes activity on current actions, future actions and queued actions.
    • Emails: copy of emails sent using Email dropbox address and Email sync (only for Private closed Beta users).
    • Updates: record of status, contact details updates such as websites, phone numbers or background updates.
  3. View each activity in Timeline (see C).

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