How to create a multi-month deal?

The multi-month deals feature allows you to create a deal which will repeat itself over the course of multiple months. This can be useful if you are selling monthly subscriptions to your product or service.

To create a multi-month deal, open a contact and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Add Deal button below the Next Action area (see A).
  2. Enter the details of your deal (Deal name, Expected closed date, Deal stage, Owned by etc).
  3. Click on the Multi-month deal? link (see B). 
  4. In the displayed fields, enter Deal name, Monthly amount and set number of recurring months (see C).
  5. Press Save to create multi-month deal (D).

Once a pending deal is created, it is displayed under the specified month and deal stage in the Pipeline’s Deal Stages Funnel.

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