How to enable Status Sync across all contacts within an organization

When you have multiple contacts who work for the same organization, they appear under Account view. By default, the Statuses of these contacts are not in sync but you can change your settings to sync the Status across all contacts within the same organization. 

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Set Status Sync for individual organizations
Set Status Sync for all organizations in the CRM

How to set Status Sync for individual contacts

In your contact view, select the  pencil icon

Check the Sync box beside the contact's status. The status selected in the drop-down will now be set to all contacts within the organization.


If the other contacts from this organization have different statuses, the yellow message will show the number of statuses that will be changed to match the one selected.

Updating the Status of any contact within the organization will automatically change the status of the other contacts within the same account.

How to set Status Sync for all contacts in the CRM

Select your  User Profile Icon (top-right corner)   →  Settings.

Under Contact page preferences, toggle the option to  Sync Statuses by default on/off.

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