How to enable Tag Sync across all contacts within an organization

Keep your  Tags in Sync for all users working in the same organization. 

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Enable Tag Sync Set Tag Sync as default

Enable Tag Sync

Open Contact view and click on Edit to the right.
Select the Sync box beside the contact's T ags and click Save.

Set Tag Sync as default 

Go to the  gear icon →  Settings →  Preferences select to Sync Tags by default.
All tags across all contacts in an organization will be automatically synced. 
  • Sync Tags is switched off by default. If you switch it on for all contacts across all organizations, it will automatically sync for any new contacts and organizations.
    • Existing contacts and organizations will need to be set manually by following the steps in the first section above but will stay in sync after.
  • Tags from all contacts will be combined and appear under every contact in that organization.

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