How to enable the Cost field for margin-based deals?

There are two scenarios where enabling the Cost field is useful:

  • Displaying the Margin of a deal.
  • Calculating Commission based on the margin.

To enable the Cost field:

  1. Open Settings > Custom fields.
  2. Under DEAL FIELDS section (see A), select the check box to enable the Cost field (see B).

  3. In the Edit Cost field form, choose which one of the  options from the Calculate Commission from drop-down (see C).
    1. Margin (Amount less cost) - default option: If Commission is enabled in Add Deal form this is calculated based on the margin.
    2. Amount: If Commission is enabled in Add Deal form, the Commission is calculated based on the deal amount.
  4. (Optional) If Required field checkbox is ticked Cost must have a greater than zero value assigned to it (see D). 
  5. Click Save to return to Custom fields.

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