How to add, view and edit a deal in Kanban pipeline

Your Pipeline gives you a summary of all of the deals in your OnePageCRM account. You can chose the Forecast view or the Kanban view.
Once you have selected the Kanban view in your Pipeline, you can do the following:    
  • Add a deal 
  • View and edit a deal 
  • Add a Next Action to a deal
  • Clone and delete a deal 

To add a deal:

    Click on the  Kanban view icon → select  Add Deal.
    Enter the details of your deal such as  Deal name, ContactAmount, any custom fields you've created and a  Note (optional).   

      To add a contact that does not already exist in your account, click on the + icon  add the contacts details  → Save

    To view and edit a deal:

      Click on your selected deal to open it.
      Once opened, select Edit deal to edit details such as Deal name, Amount, Cost, Commission, any custom fields you've created or a Note.  Note: You cannot edit the contact associated with the deal.

    To add a Next Action to a deal:

      In the contact view  → click on Add a Next Action.
      Add Next Action text, select a date →  Save.

      To Clone a deal:

        In the Deal view, click on the Clone icon.
        To delete a deal, click on the bin icon. 
      • If a Next Action already exists for a deal, you can't edit or add another Next Action.
      • There is an option to 'Drag and drop' attachments into the note section of the deal. 
      • A cloned deal will inherit details such as Deal name, Amount, Custom fields and Notes. Contact will not be copied to the new deal. 

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