How long does OnePageCRM store my data for?

Expired Trial Accounts

OnePageCRM reserves the right to terminate any accounts which have not upgraded to a paid plan. If you have trialed OnePageCRM and have not subscribed to a paid plan, your account, and associated data will be deleted 1 year after your trial expires. If you'd like a copy of your data prior to this deletion, you can export your contacts and deals.

Downgraded Subscription Accounts 

If you have voluntarily downgraded your OnePageCRM account or if your account has been downgraded due to card details not being correctly updated as instructed, your account and associated data will be automatically deleted 12 months after the downgrade date. During the 12 months period, before your account is deleted the Account owner will have limited access to the account. So, if you'd like a copy of your data prior to this deletion, you must log in as the Account owner and export your contacts and deals

Please note that after the account is deleted, OnePageCRM can instruct a database restore for the account within 14 days after the automatic deletion process (upon the request of the Account owner). However, after 14 days have lapsed, your account will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

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