How to use Focus mode

The Focus mode allows you to customize your Action Stream so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand for any given day. The Focus Mode allows you to:

  • Hide contacts without actions
  • Show upcoming contacts 
  • Hide contacts with overdue actions
  • Apply a saved filter

How to enable Focus Mode

To turn on → select the Focus icon to the top right of your Action Stream. It will display orange when enabled. To disable simply click the icon again. 

To customize → click edit (pencil icon) → select which setting/s you wish to configure. 

To hide contacts without actions

Easily hide contacts that do not have any actions associated with them. Your Action Stream will only display contacts with actions when Focus Mode is enabled.
Select edit (pencil icon)  click Hide contacts without actions  Save & run

To show upcoming contacts

You have the option to focus on a certain number of upcoming contacts; 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 5 / 10 / 20 or you can select not to show any.
Select edit (pencil icon)  Show upcoming contacts (select timeframe from the drop-down)    Save & run

To hide contacts with overdue actions

Hide those contacts with actions that are overdue so you can focus on the actions that are due today or the immediate future. Note: This setting will be automatically disabled after 12 AM.  
Select edit (pencil icon)  Hide contacts with overdue actions     Save & run

To apply a saved filter

If you have custom  filters set up, you can easily customize your Focus Mode to show only these contacts which match this filter.  Note: This setting will be automatically disabled after 12 AM.  
Select edit (pencil icon)  → Apply a saved filter      Save & run

    • The Focus Mode will only customize your Action Stream. 
    • The Focus Mode is a direct replacement of the upcoming bar. 

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