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It's hard to ignore what's right in front of your eyes so we've created the Action Stream to help you keep track of your actions so you can hit your targets. Your Action Stream is where all your Next Actions are dynamically displayed and ready for you to complete. This way you'll never lose sight of your targets!

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How does the Action Stream help me increase my sales?
How are Contacts organized in the Action Stream?
How Quick Select Date works

How does the Action Stream help me increase my sales?

The Action Stream works hand in hand with the  Next Action sales methodology that has been exclusively developed for OnePageCRM and is inspired by a GTD technique (Getting Things Done by David Allen). Same way GTD increases productivity and improves time management, when the Next Action is applied to sales it's a powerful tool to make you focus exclusively on sales. Using Next Actions encourages upfront decision-making. Applying Next Actions to your leads and customers ensures that you will never miss any opportunity to sell.

How are contacts organized in the Action Stream?

All your contacts and their associated Next Actions are listed and prioritized by date in the Action Stream. If you have multiple priority actions (Overdue, ASAP, and Today) for a contact, they will all be displayed in your Action Stream. 

The Action Stream will also assign three different flags to your Next Actions and each color represents the urgency of the Next Action: 

  • A Next Action with a red flag indicates an overdue action or a Next Action set to ASAP
  • A Next Action with an orange flag indicates an action due for Today
  • A Next Action with a grey flag indicates an action for a future date or an action set to Waiting for.

Once you complete a Next Action and you set a new next action in the future this contact will slide down the list and will gradually come up on nearing the due date. On the day when the action is due, it will stay on top and turn red until completed. Your contacts will flow in a continuous loop with a bullet-proof follow-up system until a sale is achieved.

How to change the Next Action date and time directly from your Action Stream

Go to the Action Stream → click on the Next Action flag to select a new date.
In the Date Picker, select a date from the calendar, use one of the Quick Dates or choose from the options below: 
  • ASAP
  • Waiting for 
  • Today 
  • Tomorrow 
  • Next week 
  • Last selected (this option will always reflect the last date and/or time that has been used)

Apply quick dates to Next Action

How to drag and drop actions in my Action Stream?

If you have a number of Next Actions due on the same day and want to prioritize one above the others; you can now quickly select this action and drag it to the top of your list.

Use this drag & drop feature to quickly update your Action Stream and focus on your highest-potential or most urgent contacts first.

A contact who needs to be prioritized can be quickly moved to the top of your Action Stream. On the contrary, a contact who is at the top of your Action Stream but not available to speak at the moment; can be quickly moved down the list without updating their Next Action text.

Drag and drop does not permanently adjust the order of your Action Stream. It’s only recommended for use when working through your contacts. The new order can be undone, by clicking the Refresh button or by selecting a filter to sort your contacts.

  • A user can only have one Next Action with a contact at a given time, however, you can create Queued Actions which are subsequent actions that can be assigned to you or any team member even if they have a Next Action already assigned to them. See here how to use Queued Actions.
  • Queued actions are sorted under the Waiting for actions.
  • You can configure your Action Stream using the Focus Mode.
  • Read the Get Sales Done to help you focus on closing more sales. Click here to download.

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