How to display priority actions in your Action Stream

Your Action Stream displays all your Next Action, plus (ASAP, overdue, and today's) actions in your Action Stream so you know all the important (and urgent) actions that need your attention.

In this article learn how to:
Swap queued actions
Manage Overdue Actions

All priority actions are shown in your Action Stream as follows:

Multiple actions assigned to one contact

Swap queued actions

If the priority of your Next Action changes, you can swap it with one of your queued actions.

Go to the Contact view → Hover over the queued action → Select Swap.

Swap scheduled action

Note: If a queued action's date is before the date of your Next Action, we'll display a warning icon prompting you to swap actions. 

Warning when swapping scheduled action

Manage Overdue Actions

Quickly change action dates from your Action Stream.

In your Action Stream, select the date label of your overdue action →  Select a new date from the Date Picker.

Select new date from the date picker

  • A maximum of 4 actions (ASAP, overdue, and today) will be shown for each contact in your Action Stream.
  • If another team member assigns you an action that is due before your Next Action, they will not have the option to swap actions for you. You'll be notified that a new action was assigned to you and it's up to you to evaluate the priority of this action and swap it if necessary. 

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