Action Stream Calendar

In OnePageCRM you have the Action Stream where your Next Actions are dynamically displayed and ready for you to complete so that you never lose sight of your target. We know that you have a lot of Next Actions throughout the week, and you may need more than a linear sequence of Next Actions to help you "feel the workload" per day, so the Calendar will allow you to look at your Next Actions in a calendar grid view. This way, you can easily see which Next Actions are landing on a weekend or which are landing all on the same day. You can then drag and drop Next Actions cards to spread the workload more evenly or move Next Actions to working days. 

In this article:
Open and use the Calendar in your Action Stream
Configure your Action Stream Calendar

Open and use the Calendar in your Action Stream

Go to your Action Stream → select the Calendar icon beside the Focus Mode button.
Your Next Actions will appear in the Calendar grid under each day. Your ASAP and Waiting For Next Actions are slotted on the right-hand side of the Calendar.
Note: Next Actions in the red boxes are Overdue or ASAP, Next Actions in the orange box are Today's Next Actions, and the ones in the grey boxes are Future Next Actions. 
Drag and drop your Next Actions around the Calendar grid as required.
Note: You can move Next Actions under ASAP and Waiting for to a date in the Calendar, and vice versa.
If you have a lot of Next Actions due in one day, you can click on the blue action link on top of the date box to view all Next Actions. You can move the Next Actions in the pop-up by dragging and dropping them around the Calendar.
Select Today to refresh Today's Next Actions

Configure your Action Stream Calendar

The Action Stream Calendar can be configured based on your preferences.

You can change the number of weeks displayed in your grid view.
Click on the Gear Icon → View → Select 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks.

You can also change the size of the Next Action boxes.
Click on the Gear Icon → Density → Choose Comfortable or Compact

To change the day your Calendar week starts go to your  User/Profile (in the top right-hand corner) → Settings → Localization tab →  Calendar week starts on → Select Monday or Sunday


  • Next Actions with time will be organized on top in ascending order. All other Next Actions will be organized alphabetically.
  • The Calendar pop-up is designed to help you sort and view your Next Actions in a different view other than the Action Stream. To complete a Next Action or open a contact close the Calendar pop-up to work on the Action Stream and contacts.
  • You cannot run a filter or use Focus Mode with the Action Stream Calendar.
  • The Comfortable setting will show you the name of the contact and the Next Action text and the Compact setting will show you the name of the contact only.

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