How to set your primary mail client to Gmail / Google Apps mail?

If you are a Gmail or Google Apps user you can view your recent conversations with contacts being pulled from your mailbox within OnePageCRM.

In order to enable this feature please follow the steps:

  1. Go to Apps > Integrations (see A).
  2. Click on the Email icon under the Communications Apps category (see B).
  3. In the Configuration tab > Step 1, set your primary email client to Gmail/Google Apps mail option (see C).

The advantages of setting Gmail as your primary email client:

  • Gmail icon (see D) is displayed on the timeline bar for each contact. By clicking on the this icon you'll be able to view all the email conversations that you had with a given contact using your Gmail or Google Apps account.
  • If you sign up via Google Apps Marketplace, OnePageCRM automatically assigns sub-users from your domain into a single OnePageCRM account.
  • You can easily import your contacts from Google Contacts into OnePageCRM.
  • When you click on a contact’s email address in OnePageCRM it opens a new compose window in your Gmail.
  • You can push Next Action details (date and contact details) to Google Calendar (gCal) (see E).

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