How to update actions for multiple contacts?

Bulk Updates: Actions feature enables you to easily set, modify or complete Next or Queued Actions for multiple contacts. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Select contacts in your Action Stream.
  2. In the Bulk Updates menu, click on Actions.
  3. In the Bulk set action pop-up, select an option you wish to perform:
    • Set Next Action: change Next Action date; assign Next Action text and date; create Queued Action
    • Mark Next Action complete: complete Next Action, close sales cycle
    • Delete Queued Actions: remove all existing Queued Actions independent of the action owner.
  4. Click Apply to confirm changes.

Set Next Action

The Set Next Action allows you to:

  • Set Next Action text and date by simply entering text in Next Action field and assigning a date.
  • Change Next Action date by selecting a date and leaving the Next Action field blank.
  • Assign an action to another team member by entering Next Action text and date and selecting a team member from the User drop-down.
  • In the case when a Next Action already exist for a contact, choose one of the options to be applied for these:
    • Don't apply the new ones: new Next Action text and date will not be applied to the contact.
    • Overwrite it: new Next Action details will replace the existing one.
    • Create Queued Actions: the existing Next Action is kept and a Queued Action will be created. 

Mark Next Action Complete

Select Mark Next Action Complete if you wish to:

  • Mark all selected contacts' Next Action assigned to you complete.
  • Close sales cycle for contacts without pending Queued Actions for you by simply ticking the Close sales cycle check-box.

Delete Queued Actions

The  Delete Queued Actions allows you delete queued actions for selected contacts.

  • To delete only actions queued for me, select my from the Delete Queued Actions for selected contacts drop-down.
  • To delete all all Queued Actions independent of assignee, select all from the Delete Queued Actions for selected contacts drop-down.
  • If selected contact does not have a Next Action and you select:
    • Set Next Action > enter Next Action text and date > Assigned action to Me or other user > If a Next Action already exist is set to Create Queued Action -> Next Action (not Queued Action) will be assigned to contact.
  • You cannot close sales cycle for a contact with Queued Actions assigned to you. First you will have to delete all Queued Actions assigned to you and then you are allowed to close sales cycle for this contact.
  • Please note that there are some scenarios that the number of contacts updated differ from the number of selected contacts. To learn more about this check out Why some of the contacts selected in bulk are not updated?

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