How to use Next Action with time

For  important events such as meetings and scheduled appointments you can include time in the Next Action text so you don't miss out on the opportunity of a follow up. 

Watch a video below on creating a Next Action with time.

1. Create Next Action with Time

  1. Open your contact.
  2. Enter your Next Action text into a blue box. 
  3. Open Select Date drop-down and select Date & Time option (see A).
    Select your time from a drop-down or start typing to edit the time field (see B).
  4. Click Save to submit your settings.

2. Get browser notifications for due actions (Chrome only)

  1. Install OnePageCRM Chrome Extension. Watch the video below
  2. Sign in to the Chrome extension, click on the OnePageCRM logo in the URL bar and enter your login details.
  • "Date & time" supports natural language typing, e.g. "Call Jane at 2pm next Tue" - we’ll set that date and time automatically Read more
  • The majority of sales actions are “day based”, so use “Date & time” sparingly to reduce clutter.
  • To turn off the smart time/date detection go to Go to gear icon > Settings > Preferences > Uncheck 'Enable smart date and time'

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