How to assign actions to a contact

In OnePageCRM you can assign Next Action to yourself or your team members. Next Action is an immediate activity assigned to a contact e.g. required to convert a lead to a prospect bring forward a deal’s closure etc. Although a user can only have one Next Action with a contact at a given time, you can create a Queued Action: subsequent action assigned to you or any of your team members. This action contains no date.

  • Create Next Action for a contact
  • Add a Queued Action

Create a Next Action for a contact

To assign Next Action to a contact proceed in the order listed below:

  1. Open contact in Contact View.
  2. Enter the action's details in blue Next Action box (see A).
  3. Specify due date of this action by either selecting:
    • predefined date option (e.g. ASAP, Waiting For etc.) from the Date drop-down list
    • date from the date picker.
  4. To change Assignee, click on Me in Assigned to Me and select a team member from Assign To drop-down list.
  5. Click Save to create Next Action.
  • To assign a Queued Action to a contact or to assign an action to another team member, click here.

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