How to assign queued actions to a contact

Queued actions are a great way to add action reminders to a contact. They are used when you already have a Next Action assigned to a contact. Add your most urgent action as a Next Action and the rest as queued actions so you don't miss out on following up!

There are two ways to assign a Queued action to a contact:

  • Select the + icon in the Next Action box.
  • Use Saved Actions.

To assign a Queued action using the + icon

Open a contact and select the blue  icon in the Next Action box.   

Enter the action's details in the Add action box.
You can choose to assign a queued action to yourself or to another user on the account by selecting their name from the drop down.
Choose to make this Queued (without a date) or to set a date click Date from the drop down.   
Queued actions will appear below the Next Action box. 

To assign a Queued action using Saved Actions

Click on the Saved Actions icon to the left of the Next Action box. 

In the Saved Actions pop-up, select multiple actions → click Insert

The first Saved Action in your list will appear as a Next Action, the remainder will appear as Queued Actions. 

To mark a Queued Action complete

In the contact view, check the box beside a Queued action to mark complete.

Completed Queued actions can be seen in the Activity timeline. 

  • Contacts with Next Actions assigned to you will only appear in your Action Stream.
  • Once you've marked a Next Action complete, you can choose to promote a queued action or an action with a date as a Next Action.

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