How Saved Actions work

Saved Actions are a list of individual or group Actions you wish to assign to a contact. 

To set up Saved Actions

Click on the Saved Actions icon to the left of the Next Action box. 

    In the Saved Actions pop-up, click on Edit action to add and edit actions. 
    To add a new action, click on the New saved action field → click  Save 

    How to use Saved Actions

    There are two ways to insert a saved action:
  •  By typing in the Next Action text field

  •  Select from a list in the Saved Action pop-up and Insert.  Note: You can insert multiple saved actions at once. 
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    Once an action is inserted, edit if necessary → click  Save

    How to Group Saved Actions

    In the Saved Actions pop-up → click on Edit actions → select multiple actions from the list → click  Group actions

    Name your group e.g. Social Media Activities → click  Save

    • Use [Firstname] when creating an action and we'll auto-insert the contact's first name.
    • Use [Days] to specify when the action should fall due. 
    • You can drag n' drop actions within the Saved Action pop-up.
    • When importing a CSV.file, you can assign multiple actions only if they are saved as a group in Saved Actions.
    • When updating actions in bulk, you can access your Saved Actions and grouped actions. 
    • All users on the account can create Saved Actions. Once created, all users have access to assign them to contacts. For example: If a sub user / Administrator creates a set of Saved Actions, another sub user can use them.

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