Quick Date Select for Action Stream & Next Action Quick Edit

Your day-to-day sales process needs to be adaptable, that's why you have the option to edit the Next Action in just one click directly from the Action Stream and the contact area. We've also added a quick way for you to edit Next Action text from within the contacts' view.

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Edit Next Action with Quick Select Date Edit Next Action with customized date
Edit Next Action with Quick Edit

Edit Next Action with Quick Select Date

Go to the Action Stream → click on the Next Action flag to select a new date.
Note: When you hover over the Next Action flag, it will change color to white.
In the Quick Select date pop-up, choose from the options below:
  • ASAP
  • Waiting for 
  • Today 
  • Tomorrow 
  • Next week 
  • Last selected (this option will always reflect the last date and/or time that has been used)
  • Select a new date

    Note: If you have multiple Next Actions for one contact, you can edit any of these actions with Quick Dates. 

Edit Next Action with customized date

Click Select new date to choose another time and date not listed in the Quick Select date pop-up

In the Select new date and time pop-up → pick new date → click +Add time → enter the required time → Save.

    The new date and time will now be automatically implemented for your Next Action and your Action Stream will update accordingly.

Edit Next Action with Quick Edit

For faster editing of your Next Actions, you have the option to use the Quick Edit feature and modify them directly in the contact view with no extra clicks. 

Edit Next Action Text

Click on the Next Action text → Make the required edits to your Next Action text → click outside the Next Action box or hit Enter to save the updates. 

Your  Next Action will be automatically updated without having to confirm the edit. 

Edit Next Action Date and Time

You also have the option to use the Quick Select Date feature in the contact view.

Open a contact → click on the Next Action flag → Choose the date in the  Quick Select date pop-up. 

The new date will be automatically updated for your Next Action

  • If your last selected Next Action settings contain a time and a date, the Last selected option will reflect this and both time and date will be available for this option. 
  • Today and Tomorrow options in the quick select pop-up are dynamic and will change every day. However, Last Week's date will always start on a Monday.

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