How to add/edit/remove deal stages?

Your Pipeline is a forecasting tool used to show projected sales over time. When you add a deal you must assign a percentage as to the probability of closure. This data is crucial to place a deal within the sales funnel and track its progress through the deal stages until it's won or lost. In OnePageCRM you can customize these deal stages to suit your sales process.

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How to add/edit a deal stage How to remove a deal stage

How to add/edit a Deal Stage

Go to Pipeline → Configure.

In the  Configure Pipeline pop-up → click on the + icon to add a new stage → type the probability percentage in the  % column and the stage name.

To hide the Won Column tick Hide.
Click Save.

How to remove a Deal Stage

Go to Pipeline →  Configure.  
In the  Configure Pipeline pop-up, click on the - icon to delete a deal stage → click Save
  • If you delete a deal stage, existing deals assigned to this stage will be moved to the closest equivalent stage.
  • Deal stages can be customized by the Account Owner and/or Admin.
  • You have the option to create up to nine deal stages.
  • The Won column will display recently Won deals.
  • You cannot have duplicate deal stage percentage (%) values - each stage must have a different value.
  • When you enter a deal stage percentage (%), it will automatically be ordered from lowest to highest. For example, if you add a new % of 60%, it will order itself in-between 50% and 75%.
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