How to add/edit/remove deal stages?

Your Pipeline is a forecasting tool used to show projected sales over time. When you add a deal you must assign a percentage as to the probability of closure. This data is crucial to place a deal within the sales funnel and track its progress until it's won or lost.

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How to add/edit a deal stage How to remove a deal stage

How to add/edit a Deal Stage

Go to Pipeline → Edit stages 
In the Add / Edit funnel stages pop-up → click on the '+' icon to add a new stage → type the probability percentage in the  % column and the stage name.
To hide the Won Column tick Hide.
Click Save.

How to remove a Deal Stage

    Go to Pipeline →  Edit stages 
    In the Add / Edit funnel stages pop-up, click on the minus icon to delete a deal stage → click Save. 
  • Existing deals from a deleted deal stage will be moved to the closest equivalent stage.
  • Deal stages can be customized by the Account Owner and/or Admin.
  • You have the option to create nine deal stages.
  • The Won column will display recently Won deals.
  • You cannot have duplicate deal stage percentage (%) values - each stage must have a different value.
  • When you enter a deal stage percentage (%), it will automatically be ordered from lowest to highest. For example, if you add a new % of 60%, it will order itself in-between 50% and 75%.

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