Legacy users new plans summary

If you're a legacy user looking to upgrade/switch to one of our new plans, you can easily compare the features and possibilities under each one here.

You can avail of 4 months free if you choose to pay yearly. See more here.

To switch to one of our new plans, go to your  User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Users, Plans & Billing Billing → Under Plan click Change

Legacy Professional Business
Bulk emails send limit 200 user/day 250 user/day 450 user/day
Storage 2GB/user 10GB/user 20GB/user
Restore contacts and deals 
24 Hrs 24 Hrs 30 Days
Multiple Pipelines
x 2 pipelines 10 pipelines
Business card scanner
x 100 scans/month 500 scans/month
2-way email sync (Outlook 365 and Gmail) x
Email inbox  x
Email tracking x x
Fetch historical emails x x
Deal velocity and inactive days x
Focused user x x
User Groups x x
Mandatory fields x x
Prioritized support x x
Prioritized screen share support x x
  • Once you upgrade, it's not possible to downgrade back to Legacy.
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