How to add a new user to your account?

If you are an Account Owner or Administrator, you can add users to your account by following the instructions below:

1. Go to gear icon > Users and Billing (see A).

2. Under  Users, click on Add user link (see B).

3. In the Add user pop-up, enter values for the required First nameLast name and Email address (Username) fields.

4. Select either User or Admin from the Access drop-down and follow steps. For a User, you can assign different privileges by ticking check-boxes beside each privilege (see C).

5. Click Save (see D) to submit your request.

  • An automated email is sent to the newly added user with the link to set up the password for the OnePageCRM account. Once the recipient clicks on this click here link, they will be prompted to follow steps to build their sub-account.
  • If you've reached the maximum number of paid users, you can purchase more users.
  • For more information on your user privileges click here.

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