How to change the Account Owner

The Account Owner is the creator of your OnePageCRM account. They are the only person who can delete the account or make changes to their own profile. As the position of the account owner never changes in OnePageCRM, if you wish to update them, you must log in as them and update their details. 
Note: Email address is the unique identifier and you can only have it registered against one profile in OnePageCRM.

Log in as the Account Owner → go to your User Profile (top right) → Users, Plans and BillingUsers → click on the Account Owner profile.

Edit the details to the new Account Owner's details → Save.
  • We would recommend changing the current password to a new password. See here.
  • If the previous account owner has connected to our Email Send integration, please disconnect and connect your own email account. If you're a Gmail user, see here and Outlook user, see here.
  • We would recommend the new Account Owner to attend a 30 minute Getting Started with OnePageCRM webinar. To register, please click here
  • If you're an existing user on the account and want to switch places with the Account owner, please contact our support team at

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