Managing User Privileges

There are three types of users in OnePageCRM:

  • Account owner
  • Administrator
  • User

The Account owner role is automatically assigned to the person who creates the account in OnePageCRM and does not have any limitations on privileges.The Account owner cannot be deleted, so it’s important to ensure that the main decision maker in the company is the Account owner from the beginning. Note: If the Account owner leaves, then it’s important to transfer the ownership to another user.

The Administrator role is similar to that of the Account owner, but doesn’t have the access to delete the account or remove themselves or the Account owner.

The user is someone who has been added onto the account by the Account owner or an Administrator. Their privileges will be managed by the Account Owner and/or Administrators of the Account. Choosing which privileges to assign your users is an important decision to make as you plan for the security of your CRM data.

The table below shows all privileges that each user type has and can be granted.


User Types

Account owner



Add User / Remove User

Delete Account

Manage Billing’s page

Manage Account Settings (Action Stream, Contacts + Deals preferences, custom fields, configuration of integrations)

Manage customization of Accounts ( Status labels, Lead sources, Call results, Localization, Next Action settings, contacts display as an organization or individual)

Manage User details and User privileges


View Activity page


Request permission

Create and edit reports (currently in closed beta)

Request permission

View Pipeline page

Request permission 

Edit own targets


Request permission 

Export  contacts and deals

Request permission 

Delete contacts


Request permission

Delete deals


Request permission

Own Private Contacts
Request permission 

    OnePageCRM is a shared database so all users will have access to the following:
    • Import contacts
    • Add, view and update contacts
    • Assign actions, update contacts’ statuses, add notes,deals and tags
    • View other users on the account
    • Change their own details and password
    • Run / save filters

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