What are user privileges?

There are three types of users in OnePageCRM:

  • Account owner
  • Administrator
  • User

Account owner

The Account owner role is automatically assigned to a person who opens an account in OnePageCRM. The Account owner's privileges are the following:

Admin right
Billing rights
  • Subscription and billing information access
  • Purchasing additional users license
Account operations


Administrator has the same privileges as the Account owner except the ability to:

  • Delete account
  • Change their own privileges
  • Remove Account Owner and/or themselves


User has the right to do the following:

  • Add, view and update contacts
  • Assign actions, update contacts' statuses, add notes, deals and tags to any contact in the database
  • Import contacts
  • View other users on the account
  • Change its own details and password
  • Run / save filters
  • Any additional rights assigned to a user by an Account Owner or Administrator as specified under Account owner > Admin rights at the start of this article.

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